Thursday, August 11, 2011

DeShields has some learning to do

Lexington manager Rodney Linares says that Delino DeShields still has some learning to do, but he's getting better:

“He’s still young. He still has a lot to learn. Offensively, he’ll develop. He’s got short swing, great knowledge of the strike zone. He’s struck out a lot but he’s still learning a lot. I love what I’ve seen of Delino and I think he’s going to develop into a very solid major league player.”

MiLB sites don't have silly things like "Plate Appearances," so we're left with ABs to work with. Here's DeShields' K/AB rate in 2011, by month:

April: 26.4%
May: 27.4%
June: 28.6%
July: 20.6%
August: 34.6%

He's in the middle of a ten-game stretch, hitting .150/.277/.150, with six singles in his last 40 ABs. So there you have it.


Hal said...

You could just add his BB to his AB to get approximate PA. It would be slightly inaccurate since HBP also aren't listed at MiLB sites, but it would be fairly close.

Or you could just go to, which gives you PA.

Astros County said...

You're right - the slightest bit of attention would have given the PAs. I just didn't care that much. And B-R doesn't break minor league stats down by month.