Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Borkowski fixed some of Foltynewicz's mechanics

Here's a story from Foltynewicz's hometown about his experiences in Lexington, but the most interesting part is the work done by Legends pitching coach Dave Borkowski:

Foltynewicz's neck would bend back when he would follow through in his delivery, and he wasn't keeping his eye on the glove, so that's part of the reason his wildness came about.

Borkowski also noticed that his pitcher wasn't keeping his leg straight enough coming out of the stretch. Now, Foltynewicz is doing that and he's on more of a downward plane.

"We've made a couple adjustments and it's really helped the command of his fastball, and I think things are going to take off for him," Borkowski said. "He's worked his butt off to make this stuff work."

In April, May, and June Foltynewicz averaged 3.65 BB/9. In his last four starts (21IP), he has walked just five batters, for a 2.14 BB/9 rate.

Good article - definitely worth a click.