Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Astros were SHOCKED in the lack of interest in Myers

According to Nick Cafardo, the Astros:

1) Would trade Wandy if a team claimed him on waivers, but also feel like they could trade him in the off-season.

2) Were shocked - SHOCKED - in the lack of interest in Brett Myers.

Which would lead one to wonder why that was the case. He's giving up a full 1.2 hits/9 more than 2010, and his homerun rate has doubled. If the Astros were to be shocked at any point in Brett Myers' run with the Astros, it should have been last year.


Anonymous said...

Myers is only a Major League pitcher because he plays for the Astros. Just like having Nelson Figeroa in the start of the season. The Astros today are a AAA team at best. We need new managment including getting rid of Mills. That they were SHOCKED is more surprising.

Anonymous said...

There are probably a good number of teams that would be hesitant to take away Myers' rotational spot, simply because of how much money he's making. Starting is not strictly related to performance.

Anonymous said...

The contract extension that our brilliant front office gave him at the end of last season didn't help at all. Morons.

Anonymous said...

On a more rational note, assuming the report is true, I would imagine the shock might come mainly from the lack of interest from teams with pitcher-friendly parks... Detroit springs to mind as a team that maybe would have been reasonably thought to be interested.

AstroBrit said...

Looking at Myers numbers he looks pretty similar to Carl Pavano but five years younger. He's still the sort of guy that teams throw $10m a year at in the offseason.

Carlos Silva?