Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Astros thinking about September Call-Ups, but not much

So the Astros have thought about September 1, and what that could mean for the expanded roster. But not much.

We've gone over some things. Nothing is set in stone yet. It's kind of in the first phase of talking about it a little bit. There has been some [talks], but it's been very minimal.

So let's help them out. Here's a list of players on the 40-Man roster that could feasibly see some time on the bench in Houston, getting free plane rides around the country, and living off DAT PER DIEM.

Juan Abreu
J.A. Happ
Lucas Harrell
Wesley Wright

J.R. Towles

Chris Johnson
Brett Wallace

Jordan Schafer is off on a rehab assignment, and will be activated whenever they damn well feel like it, so he's not necessarily a candidate. Anyone missing?


Anonymous said...

George springer lol jk

Juvenile Court Clerk said...

The only reason Towles comes up is as an emergency catcher. I think the Astros are done giving him chances, and I'm starting to think they may be right. Maybe he never had what it takes, but I'll always wonder if Cooper & Co didn't ruin that poor kid.

Blazemule said...

I still think they should release JMike even if we expand rosters.

AstroBrit said...
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AstroBrit said...

As much as Towles has stunk up the joint, we are currently giving Carlos Corporan playing time. Ugh.

Anonymous said...

Blake King.