Friday, August 19, 2011

The Astros spent as much as you probably thought on the draft

Baseball America did some checking and got the total bonus expenditures for the 2007-11 drafts, and found that the Astros spent $25,162,630 on their picks over those five drafts, 21st in MLB and about $6m less than average.

This of course includes the disastrous 2007 draft, in which the Astros spent a total of $65.13.

Here we find that the Astros spent $5,545,800 on the 2011 draft, or about $1.15m less than the average team (the average being buoyed by the Pirates spending $17m+ and the Nationals spending $15m+.

So get that checkbook ready, Jim Crane. You'll be paying more for that #1 pick in 2012 than Drayton did for the whole 2011 draft.


Chombo said...

2008 was a disastrous draft?

Astros County said...

My fault. Just meant 2007. Fixed.

Anonymous said...

Wouldn't you consider this year's signings to be successful regardless of how much money they spent? The picks may not pan out, but they got 16 of their top 17 picks signed and I believe signed more total picks than the Pirates. They should be applauded for signing so many picks and staying below the average.