Thursday, August 4, 2011

2011 = 1991?

Zach Levine has a good article comparing the 2011 Astros to the 1991 Astros.

Craig Biggio, of whom you may have heard:
“We had 15 rookies that year. We weren’t as bad as our record showed, and we lost a lot of games by one run and two runs.”

Elsewhere in the notebook, we hear the reasoning for why Luis Durango was sent back to OKC, from Wade:
“We had a chance to take a look at him, and talking with (Mills) we thought there was a chance to go another direction."

So what did they expect to learn from those six PAs? And did they not know that he was fast, but didn't have a whole lot of pop in his bat? The Apparatus should read a blog every now and then...

Jack Armstrong was shelved for eight days with elbow tendinitis, but made a start last night in the Cape Cod League, with Bobby Heck expecting him to make one start.

Prediction: Armstrong won't go as high in the 2012 draft if goes back to Vanderbilt, due to injury concerns. The Astros need to get him in the system, so he signs and spends the off-season resting and rehabbing before reporting to Tri-City in June 2012.