Monday, July 4, 2011

This isn't on Mills, says Greg Lucas

Greg Lucas knows what's wrong with the 2011 Astros, and it's not Brad Mills. It's the players.

Are there times when this manager or any other can be criticized? Of course there are, but the basic philosophy espoused is to consider running "plays" when they might work best and with the right hitters and base runners. Everyone in the lineup does not fit this style. Sometimes the score of the game doesn't fit it…or the opposing pitcher or team.

The best way for the Astros to win games in the big picture is to have better players.

The last home stand showed the Astros lacking. They played three teams, Tampa Bay, Texas and Boston that all have more talent. So those teams won eight of nine. There wasn't a darn thing anything Brad Mills could have changed that would have allowed the Astros to win more than they lost.



Warren said...

Lucas is wrong. This team is playing even worse than their personnel level. Lyles, Norris, and Rodriguez are decent starters. They have a few good relievers. Pence , Bourne, Keppinger and Wallace are good hitters. Lee is at least mediocre. Johnson has picked his hitting up again and Borgeois when healthy has hit. This may be a bad team but they are not as God awful as they have played. There are teams with players that are no better that have better records than the Astros. When you are on pace to lose 107 games are having the worst year in your 50 year history, and have the worst record in the major leagues, your manager is not doing a good job or even an average job. Lucas better stick to what he knows best which is ??? He is in the stands instead of the booth for a reason and no amount of butt kising will get him there. Kubiak kept his job when his team played bad so maybe Crane will contiue the tradition but I sure hope not.

Anonymous said...

I think Greg Lucas would have a better idea of what is going on than some fan who hasn't been in the clubhouse once.

I have been a Millsie supporter since before he was hired. Just like any fan would, I have found myself questioning some moves he makes and his grasp on the locker room.

Mills isn't to blame in my opinion, because at the end of the day, the players have to perform on the field. I think Mills is a viable option at manager until he loses the clubhouse. When this happens, a move must be made. Even through a 100 loss season, I would keep him as the skipper because he has all the potential to be an even better manager than Francona.


Even if half the "fans" are trashy Red Sox bandwagoners.

These next 3 months will be a test that shows who really has the mental toughness to hang around the big leagues. Bagwell said it best, "We get paid to play baseball and any fan would switch places with us in a heartbeat."

John Royal said...

Well it is Mills who has decided that a lineup with Jason Michaels in it against lefties is better than a lineup with Brett Wallace.

Can Wallace hit lefties? Who really knows because he's not getting the chance. What is known is that it's Wallace who is supposed to be the future of the franchise, but how is the team going to know if they don't play him everyday.

So come on Mills, show the same faith in Wallace that you show in J.A. Happ every fifth start.

Anonymous said...

Agreed man. Wallace actually hit lefties almost as well as righties in the minors.

Anonymous said...

Not to mention him bunting runners over with the 8 spot and keeping a pitcher into hit who is getting knocked around.