Monday, July 4, 2011

This isn't on Mills, says Greg Lucas

Greg Lucas knows what's wrong with the 2011 Astros, and it's not Brad Mills. It's the players.

Are there times when this manager or any other can be criticized? Of course there are, but the basic philosophy espoused is to consider running "plays" when they might work best and with the right hitters and base runners. Everyone in the lineup does not fit this style. Sometimes the score of the game doesn't fit it…or the opposing pitcher or team.

The best way for the Astros to win games in the big picture is to have better players.

The last home stand showed the Astros lacking. They played three teams, Tampa Bay, Texas and Boston that all have more talent. So those teams won eight of nine. There wasn't a darn thing anything Brad Mills could have changed that would have allowed the Astros to win more than they lost.