Friday, July 8, 2011

Pellegrini hopes to return from injury

Good article on former Eddie's Farmhand Brian Pellegrini today.

"I came off a good year and go into spring training (in 2010), hoping to even break camp with the Double-A squad. Then in my first intrasquad game (with Houston's minor-leaguers), I hit a home run and I was rounding first base and hurt my hernia...

Then he had microfracture knee surgery:

"I asked for my release from the Astros because I would have had to stay down in Florida to continue to rehab all summer. I had microfracture knee surgery, and that can take up until a year until you are fine. I was trying to play on it three months after. I tried to play four or five times in games (this past spring), and I just couldn't do it with my knee...I'm just taking it easy, getting my knee ready to go. If any offers come calling, I'd be glad to come out. But it's tough for a team to sign me. I only played 50, 60 games last year."