Thursday, July 7, 2011

On that team meeting...

Alright, some reactions to the Astros Team Meeting yesterday afternoon:

“We’ve got a good group of guys out there. We just had to get some things off the table and out there. Any time you have something like that where you have a lot of input from guys and they do speak up, good things come out of it. Good things came out of this one.”

“There were some things Skip (Mills) needed to get off his chest, and there were some things some players needed to hear. I think those who needed to hear things heard them. I think pretty much everyone in there needed to kind of check themselves, so it was good. It was a good thing.”

Carlos Lee:
“It was kind of like everybody expressed themselves and got a lot of things out and I think we feel like we have a new start, refreshed. We went out there and we did the job. We got the guys over, we got big hits and we played good defense and had solid pitching. It was a good game overall.”

McTaggart's headline was "Did the meeting work? You bet." This is ridiculous. Sure, maybe everyone feels refreshed, but this was one game. Perhaps down the road we can look back at July 6 as the point in which this season turned around, and the Astros rallied to only lose 90 games; but to credit last night's win on a team meeting seems a little rushed to me. Because let's be honest - it took some pretty decent fielding mistakes courtesy of Andrew McCutchen for the Astros to get that big inning.