Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Now holding on to Pence is "smart"

Here's a reversal. Ken Rosenthal now says that holding on to Pence - at least until the off-season is smart:

Maybe the Astros will do the smart thing and wait on trading Pence until the offseason, when they can involve more suitors. Or maybe Amaro will entice the Astros with outfielder Domonic Brown and other prospects, and bring the Phillies another major prize.

We also learn that the Blue Jays are interested in Wandy Rodriguez, in addition to every other available player.

But what if the Jays or another club could persuade the Astros to pay enough of Rodriguez’s salary to make him, say, a $7 million pitcher? The Astros likely would be willing to make such a deal, knowing it would land them better prospects.