Friday, July 15, 2011

Morosi, on realignment

If Bud Selig is talking publicly, there's probably nothing to be done.

So, what if Selig, Weiner and their respective lieutenants hammer out an agreement that secures continued labor peace while adding excitement to the postseason and ensuring a more equitable regular season? And what if the final piece in this massive document is a “yes” from Crane, who is eagerly waiting for his set of keys to the worst team in baseball?

Do you really think Jim Crane wants to begin his stewardship of the Astros by being the guy who said “no” to the commissioner’s office, the union, and the 29 other owners who would like to sign an agreement and get on with their multibillion-dollar industry?

So, under this line of reasoning, we can thank Drayton and his staff for taking the Astros out of the realm of relevancy over the last five years, and - apparently - the National League.