Monday, July 4, 2011

Kody Hinze promoted

In one of those "It's about damn time" moves, Austin Wates let everybody know that Kody Hinze was finally loosed from the bonds of Lancaster, and promoted to Corpus.

This all comes after he hit .326/.464/.630 in 78 games. The Lancaster Effect is well-documented here, but Hinze was - encouragingly - just as good on the road, hitting .333/.471/.630 at home, and .319/.458/.631 away from Lancaster.

Corpus just got a whole lot more interesting.


Warren said...

Altuve, Martinez, and Keuchal are ready for triple A.

Anonymous said...

Altuve should stay at AA where there are more people his age. I wouldn't have a problem with Martinez and Keuchel moving on to AAA, but let Altuve stay at AA and keep facing tough legitimate prospects who will have futures in the big leagues.

JD and Dallas are approaching that point where they need to face more scrappy veterans who have been to the MLB level. Facing AAAA players will be the best comparison they can get to MLB quality players without actually competing against actual Major League quality players.

I would keep Altuve at AA the rest of the season and give him a chance in spring training. We could even consider putting Keuchel and Martinez on the forty man roster come September.

Patrick said...

Keuchel should probably move up a level. I wonder if Keuchel and Buchanan get moved up a level at the same time. Martinez is just starting to hit for power at AA....i'd like to see him keep it up for a while longer before promoting him. Altuve just got to AA....

But Corpus sure is interesting. All the prospects who are close are on that team.