Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Justice takes on McLane's legacy

Good column from Richard Justice today as he looks at Drayton's legacy. A snippet:

So why did things change so dramatically? How did a really good, really successful owner lose his way?

We might never know why McLane ran off one of baseball's best general managers after the 2004 season, but if you're looking for a turning point, that's it.

And the money close, which needs no comment, and is spot on:

Why the Astros decided to play the other team's fight song speaks volumes about the people in charge...They also served lobster rolls in the stadium club, and I wonder why they didn't honor Tip O'Neill and John Havlicek. It's not the most important thing on earth. Maybe the Astros were just thankful to have more than a few thousand people in the stadium regardless of whom they were cheering.

But it's one of those little things that serve as a reminder of how out of touch these people have become. They are out of ideas. They are out of imagination. They just need to go, and the sooner the better.