Sunday, July 31, 2011

Johnson, Wallace never saw this coming

Mark Berman talked to Chris Johnson, who was predictably shocked by this evening's news:

"They called me and Wally in and said they were sending us to Oklahoma City to clear our heads and get things going. Oh yea, we were shocked. They said they got a month left and we're going to go there and just play. It's really tough. It's a big blow. I know I had a tough start, but the organization is making some changes and I guess me and Wally aren't part of it. We've gone through the grind all year. I've battled, learned and made adjustments. It's shocking. It's tough. It's not something we expected, but the organization is going in a different direction I guess.

They're making changes, going young and bringing up some younger guys and to send us out tells you maybe they don't want you to really be a part of it. We're just going to have to try to work harder and win them back, I guess."

Communication hasn't exactly been the Astros' strong point, but yeah, they're going to have to go back to OKC and win them over again.

I would say that Wallace has a longer leash than Johnson. There's no one really at Triple-A contending for a 1B/3B spot. Kody Hinze is raking at Corpus, but has only been there a month or so. If they can go back and get it going again, it could re-inspire confidence in both.


John M. said...

I was shocked when I saw this, I can't imagine how Johnson and Wallace felt.

Hopefully Wallace uses this as motivation and puts himself in a position to succeed when he earns another chance.

Johnson I just don't think has ever really been a long term solution at 3B. He seems like a good kid, but sometimes hard work isn't enough.

Warren said...

Johnson just does not appear to be a major league third baseman . He had his chances. Wallace probably does have a longer leash for now. Unless he plays poorly at AAA he will probably be back up in the fall. However,he has looked very bad much of this year and he tailed off the same way in his brief time last year. Even with a bad team like this new guys are going to come up and pass the guys by that do not stay consistent. When you get the chance you better take full advantage of it or you will be be lost. An example in the minors is Drew Locke. Hit great at A and AA but has gone in the tank this year. Martinez blew by him and Shuck has passed him as well. Even though Bogusevic is hanging around his time is running out too.