Monday, July 25, 2011

I read this getting my blood pressure checked at Walgreen's, and officially had a stroke

Zach Levine brings the tough news:

Sounds like Brett Wallace's playing time is going down for a while. Mills will try to get him going w/favorable matchups.



Anonymous said...

I've mostly liked Brad Mills, but... he's making it hard...

Pepper said...

July 10 2/4 with double, 2 RBI's
July 15 0/3
July 16 0/1(pinch hit), 1 RBI
July 17 2/3(pinch hit FOR)
July 18 DNP, Manager's Decision
July 19 0/4
July 20 1/4
July 21 - DNP, Manager's Decision
July 22 1/3(pinch hit FOR)
July 23 1/3(pinch hit FOR -would have been 2/3 if not for fat ass Carlos Lee trying to steal second, Wallace with base hit up the middle fielded by shortstop covering for the steal.
July 24 - 0/3(pinch run for)
This is an 8/28 clip, which calculates to a .286 average. Mills clearly doesn't look at what he's done to this young man, or worse still, doesn't care. As you and I've said - confidence. this is a joke and Mills has to be gone to recover any attitude by the players. He's not helping anyone with his lineup shuffling, righty righty lefty lefty etc. It is clear that he has no clue in the National League. Crane must resolve this before Wallace and others are lost - especially Wallace.

Anonymous said...

The Astros leadership is really doing a great job today. They get mocked by thier #1 draft pick, sit Wallace again, havn't traded a player and are becoming a laughing stock for giving generous contracts to Wandy and Myers, oh and the attendence is down, and Crane is not official yet.

What in the world is going on? This is what happens when there is a lack of vision which means the leadership is too much in limbo.

I have been a Wade and Mills supporter, but they are really making it hard.

It's very frustrating to be a fan when you are kept in the dark about a clear direction of the future.

When you get a vague idea of payroll, and building through the draft, it really does not give clarity.

I am hoping that Crane holds a press conference and clearly states his vision when he is officially the owner.

Please don't let us go the way of the Orioles and Pirates of old.

Anonymous said...

I really think Wallace could be a big part of the Astros future. What in the world are they doing to him? The proof is there that he is a great young player from the minor leagues, and for being on a terrible, terrible team, he has the third highest batting avg.

Please bring Bagwell back to get these young players back to playing good. I think we know that it was Bagwell that brought the change of the second half Astros last year.

Anonymous said...

Astros make a miracle 52-6 run to make the playoffs....but Mills doesn't like the matchups for Wallace for the playoffs, so the team brings in Mark Saccamanno to play 1B......

C'mon, Brad.....with this record, your only chance to save your job is for some of the kids to show progress, and if any prospect should be ready for big-boy pants, it's Wallace.