Friday, July 1, 2011

Gammons: Other GMs not happy Texas got to play Houston

According to Peter Gammons:

I talked to some general managers that were frustrated the Rangers got the Houston Astros [in Interleague play], while one team is getting the Giants and another is getting a really good team. But that's because they're in Texas, and they're really good.

We're presuming that "they" in the last bit does not refer to the Astros.


Andrew said...

Obviously someone didn't tell Peter Gammons and the other GM's that we have a "rivalry" going on here.

AstroBrit said...

I'm calling BS

Anonymous said...

This whole story pisses me off. The audacity.

Anonymous said...

So when a good team plays a bad team it makes other teams angry? Doesn't this happen every year? Go whine somewhere else GM tittibabies.

R.N. Coyote said...

It's just big time whining. No GM got upset at BoSox playing Pirates last week. BTW, Pirates won the series.

Also Rangers and Astros been playing each other at interleague for years.

Also Cubs was suppose to be good? That's bull.