Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Do you have faith in The Apparatus?

Simple poll: Do you think the Astros' Front Office can do what's best for the organization - regardless of what you think 'what is best' is?


Eric said...

I don't know why anyone reasonably could have that expectation. It doesn't seem like the Astros got much at all for either Oswalt and Berkman, even with paying part of their salaries. Personally, I'm hoping the Astros stand pat, and that the next GM makes trades this offseason to acquire prospects.

Anonymous said...

Do Ed Wade's parents read Astros County? I can think of no other explanation for the 2 yes votes.

Chris Spradley said...

I had zero faith in Ed Wade when Drayton hired him and unfortunately Wade has lived up to my expectations.

The Astros had a wealth of young talent when he came in plus some quality veterans that, at the time, were life-long Astros (Oswalt & Berkman). Not only did he trade away those anchors, getting little in return, he is now looking to trade away two of our young core players in Pence and Bourn.

It's time for Wade to leave Houston. Let him go ruin another team.

And I'll be starting my campaign soon to make me the new GM. Contention for the NL Central by 2013 guaranteed!