Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Beltran to San Francisco?

Yahoo's Tim Brown says that Beltran is heading to San Francisco, pending logistical issues. Whatever that means.

So Phillies and Braves, it's your move.

UPDATE: Joel Sherman tweeted that the Phillies still think they're in on Beltran, but the Giants think they have him (though he earlier tweeted that the Giants are as close as you can get), and Buster Olney and Ken Davidoff say it's pretty much done.

The Braves refused to include Mike Minor in a Beltran deal, but the Mets are getting three prospects, with those names changing every few minutes. Doesn't matter, anyway. If the Giants will give up three prospects for 2+ months of Beltran, will/should the Astros get four for Pence? What remains to be seen is if Beltran's trade is the benchmark for the next 96 hours.

What does this mean for the Astros? Well, it means that the Phillies - after reportedly offering Cosart, Singleton, and another prospect for Pence (and were rebuffed) - were apparently willing to move on to a deal involving Beltran. So if the Phillies are the only ones willing to go hard after Pence, they still have that chance.

If Beltran is off the board, the only truly premiere outfielder left is Pence.