Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Because this season hasn't been terribly boring enough

...Get ready for some small ball!

McTaggart's requisite "They're a second-half team!" article has some advice for the players from Ed Wade:
"We're capable of playing good baseball, and it revolves around starting pitching, as it always does. But it's also limiting the mistakes on the field on both sides of the ball and putting innings together, and that means getting guys on and moving them over and getting a run on the board."

One run at a time! They are our Astros.

Also, apparently there a few on the team who aren't men - says Mills:
"No one has ever said anything about this ballclub not working or getting done what they need to do. We stay positive with it and keep working toward what we need to get done. These guys are men, and if they're not, they're guys that are developing into men. We keep focusing on the positive and do things to get that wheel moving."

I don't even...