Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Your Morning Realignment Roundup

Rather than have six separate posts talking about the same thing, here is your roundup of morning realignment links:

Diamondbacks Team President and CEO Derrick Hall plays suck-up to Bud Selig, saying his team could be interested in moving to the AL:

"If asked, we will look into it if it's in the best interests of baseball. However, we have to balance it against what is in the best interest of our fans."

Curtis Granderson is in favor of teams playing every other team in baseball - regardless of league.

Hunter Pence doesn't give two craps about realignment:
"I like the National League. I like where we're at. I don't focus on those things at all and I really don't want to."

The Boston Globe's Nick Cafardo offers AL alternatives, but says the Astros may be the most logical move. Why?

This is a franchise in transition anyway, with new ownership, and the team is having a bad season.

Yeah, since the Astros are down, they're that much closer to your foot.