Monday, June 6, 2011

Some more 'Final Mocks'

I should have been clear on my previous post: those were the final mock drafts (as I understand it anyway) from the selected writers, not the final mock drafts that Astros County will be posting. With that said, a couple more 'final mocks' for your perusal:

Kevin Goldstein (06/06) of Baseball Prospectus has the Astros taking RHP Taylor Jungmann of the University of Texas at #11. David Rawnsley (06/04) of Perfect Game USA has the Astros taking RHP Archie Bradley of Broken Arrow HS (Oklahoma) at this spot. Frankie Piliere of (06/05) has LHP Jed Bradley of Georgia Tech projected at #11 (though he previously had Tweeted that the Astros were working on a pre-draft deal for Stanford LHP Chris Reed here - a rumor which has been generally shown to be incorrect). -StreetJL