Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Round Rock finds fans are actually engaged when team does well

The Austin American-Statesman spent what seems to have been a decent amount of time examining the issues and evidence (using all steps of the scientific method) and came to the stunning conclusion that fans like it when their team wins, as they apparently do in Round Rock.

What has changed since the Astros and Rangers switched Triple-A teams? Let's find out from Express GM George King:
"For one thing, there's not the mass exodus after the seventh or eighth inning. Our fans are looking at the standings more than they have in the last few years. Fans are embracing this team. It's fun to be at the park."

Traitorous Astros fan:
"I'm a 'Stros fan, but it's hard to work up any enthusiasm for them because they've been bad for a bunch of years. I just want to see some good baseball for a reasonable price. I have no problem pulling for the Express."

Other now-Express fan:
"I'd rather follow these guys on their way up to the Rangers than what we had. Besides, everybody loves a winner, right?"