Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Re-aligment, in some form, "will happen"

Yahoo's Jeff Passan just tweeted:

Source: MLB reticent to push for unalignment because it's such a drastic change. NL team moving to AL to even leagues at 15 "will happen."

"Unalignment," we're assuming, is the process of getting rid of the divisions. But somebody is moving to the American League, and it's basically between the Astros and the Diamondbacks.


Anonymous said...

Not sure why you'd say it's exclusively HOU or ARZ (?).

There are too many other legitimate options.

I advocate TB to NL and MIL+WAS to AL ( http://www.tinyurl.com/BaseballOnlyBetter ).

But even if someone is stuck on the typical assumptions of one team moving and a 3-division league, WAS to AL makes a heckuvalotta sense, then moving TOR over to the AL Central and KC over to the AL West.

DaddyDusty said...

I think the guy who wrote the following column is right.


Basically move Diamondbacks or Rockies to AL West and Rangers to AL Central. This fixes time zone issues and league symmetry. I understand that there is an issue that both leagues will have a 4 team west division and a 6 team central divisions instead of 5 teams respectively, but this is what the geography dictates.

There is no rivalry between the Rangers and Astros and hate having to stay up to watch West Coast games now.