Thursday, June 9, 2011

John Hinson is off to Tri-City

But that might not be it. According to John Hinson's dad the Astros will send 13th Round pick Hinson to Tri-City, and then on to Lancaster.

J.D. Hinson:
“He’s going to stay down (In Kissimmee) five or six days, then they’re going to fly him to Albany, N.Y., to play in the New York-Penn League. I was thinking it’d be pretty cool; he could be in Lexington and I could see him play in the Sally League. That’s not their plans. Their plans are to send him to High-A in (Lancaster) California. If he can hit, which that’s his strength, they say there’s a chance he could be at Double-A by the end of next year.”

Talk about a fast-track...