Thursday, June 9, 2011

John Hinson is off to Tri-City

But that might not be it. According to John Hinson's dad the Astros will send 13th Round pick Hinson to Tri-City, and then on to Lancaster.

J.D. Hinson:
“He’s going to stay down (In Kissimmee) five or six days, then they’re going to fly him to Albany, N.Y., to play in the New York-Penn League. I was thinking it’d be pretty cool; he could be in Lexington and I could see him play in the Sally League. That’s not their plans. Their plans are to send him to High-A in (Lancaster) California. If he can hit, which that’s his strength, they say there’s a chance he could be at Double-A by the end of next year.”

Talk about a fast-track...


Anonymous said...

Players who are expected to be in Double-A within one calendar year generally don't fall to the 13th round. I'm guessing Mr. Hinson bought into the scouts' sales pitch and enthusiasm.

Brian West said...

We do know that if Hinson hit .400 for two months he can get promoted from high A to AA.