Friday, June 17, 2011

Jayson Stark: Screw you, Jim Crane, and your $680 million

Jayson Stark's new Rumblings & Grumblings engages in a conversation with Buster Olney about realignment:

I think there's only one candidate to switch -- the Astros. Three reasons: 1) It's those mandatory interleague-rivalry games between the Astros and Rangers that guarantee the interleague schedules are all out of whack. 2) If you move a team from any other NL division to the AL, it means you have to start shifting around clubs in other divisions, too, to balance it out. And 3) every existing owner has the right to veto a move, and almost certainly would block it. So the only place baseball has leverage is in Houston, where they can make moving a condition of the purchase. That isn't too fair to Jim Crane, but that's the deal.


Warren said...

If Crane allows that to happen he will be dead on arrival in Houston. If he wimps out on his first major move as an owner he will join Bud as the second owner to be run out of town.

Anonymous said...

What's incredibly missing in the logic here is that Jim Crane and Drayton McLane don't have to do anything they don't want to do. So, they can make that a "condition" of approval of the sale, but if it's refused, then where does that leave MLB?... of course, it leaves them without a team to move since Drayton's been clear about his feelings about it all.

"What if they say they aren't going to allow ANY sale until/unless Drayton or a buyer permits it?"

Here's the rub with that:

Drayton is under no deadline.

MLB is. As far as I'm aware anyhow, these things have to be incorporated into the collective bargaining agreement.

Therefore, MLB's leverage in this is a misnomer among these columnists who are writing this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. Sturt is right on. The MLB needs to watch who they are pushing around because not very many people want to buy a major league club in Houston for 680 million dollars.

These "columnists" are just trying to brainwash the general public into thinking Houston is the most logical team to move out of the NL. Its pathetic. They want to take our natural rivalries away, but allow a team like Arizona with a very short history to stay in the NL. Apparently making two moves is so irrational compared to making just one. SHILLS.

I'm not watching games locally at 9 and AL baseball is boring. I've grown up on the National League style of baseball and it shouldn't have to change because Bud Selig is a moron and moved the Brewers to the NL in the first place.