Monday, June 13, 2011

Hold on, so...what?

Smilin' Ken Rosenthal carries on with realignment, again pointing out that it makes sense for the Astros to switch to the AL (every writer/blogger from the other 29 teams agree that it makes sense. Because it's not their team who is affected.)

But listen to the close:
Commissioner Bud Selig remains a strong proponent of the unbalanced schedule, a concept steeped in the tradition of division rivalries, another source says.

The timing might be right, however, for baseball finally to adopt two 15-team leagues.

The Astros currently are in an ownership transition, increasing baseball’s leverage if the franchise is resistant to a move, sources say.

Jim Crain*, the Astros’ proposed new owner, needs to gain approval from baseball to secure the franchise.

Under the major-league agreement, an owner can reject not only a move from one league to another, but also one between divisions.

Crain*, though, is not the Astros’ owner yet.

(* = Crane.)

I guess I don't understand. MLB can't just make the decision in between owners. Either McLane owns the Astros, and he has veto-power, or Crane owns the team, and he has veto power. It's not like the Astros can go 20 minutes without an owner, and in the meantime the other 29 owners get together and force the Astros into the AL. Right? RIGHT!?


Blazemule said...

Come on McLane/Crane fight the power! Let freaking Arizona or Colorado go, we can move to the West NL Division. We have been around a lot longer than they have and they are more West. I want the possibility of a Rangers/Astros World Series!

Anonymous said...

Jim Crane has a ton of baggage -- the discrimination cases, the debt load, personal issues, etc. Under normal circumstances, MLB wouldn't want him and wouldn't approve him. I wouldn't be surprised at all if MLB makes it known to Crane that if he wants the deal approved, he needs to approve the move to the A.L. (or a move to the N.L. West, depending on the exact realignment plan).