Monday, June 13, 2011

Everyone thinks the Astros should move to the AL

Fox Sports' Jon Paul Morosi has a big ol' article on why the Astros should move to the American League.

However, Morosi says, the Astros should join the AL West, not some commie division-less league.

Also, according to Morosi, there aren't any good rivalries with the Astros and...anyone else, in the NL Central.

If you're concerned about the late start times, playing teams like Seattle, Los Angeles, and Oakland, fear not:
Under my proposed schedule, the AL Astros would play no more than 17 games on the West Coast against the Angels, Athletics and Mariners. This season they are scheduled to play 21 games at NL West opponents. So, the move could be a wash for the Astros and their broadcast partners, who generally prefer games in the local time zone (or close to it).

Yes, because only the Astros are unreasonable enough to want a start time close to their home time zone.

He even talked to Scrap Iron, who had this to say:
“As far as switching leagues, it’s not that big of a deal. It’s tougher going to the NL. I don’t think it’s all that tough to make an NL club into an AL club: You get an old guy who’s the DH.”

I don't know about you, but I'm kind of tired hearing about the "natural rivalry" between the Rangers and Astros. I think it's overplayed. Ask the Marlins and Rays if they hate each other. There are plenty of regional rivalries, and maybe the Rangers and Astros could develop a hatred equal to that of the Yankees and Red Sox (just don't expect ESPN to cover it), but playing the Rangers doesn't quite turn my crank enough to want the Astros to play in the AL.