Friday, June 10, 2011

The Astros tried to bring back Evan Englebrook

Remember Evan Englebrook? Big guy? High heat? He wanted to go in a different direction, after the Astros added him to the 40-Man Roster.

This past offseason, the Astros "sent me to winter ball to face some major leaguers. I was hoping they'd let me face big-leaguers in September, (but) that wasn't in their plans. So I went there, and then they did offer me a contract. I just wanted to go somewhere else, start over new, somewhere fresh and go that route."

That said, he's sort of putting the severity of his arm injury off on the Astros' medical staff:
"Three years ago, I hurt my AC joint at the beach. My AC joint was sticking out. It was only a first-degree separation which, with a month's rest, it clears. I went to (the Astros) and went to their doctor, and they told me it's no big deal, you'll be fine, it's just probably all in your head, it's probably always been there. So I pitched for a month with it, and then it went to a 3rd-degree separation where I needed surgery.

"That was in August '08, and I was knocking on the door then; I think I had about a 13-, 14-inning stretch where I think I only gave up like one hit; in 11 innings I didn't give up a hit. My velocity started coming around, and I had a split change that was working. And I went with what they said and then I hurt it. ... I didn't have surgery on it until November, so they wasted three months of my time. ... I (had) said, ‘I want surgery,' and they kept saying, ‘No, no, you can rehab it.' ... I missed two months beginning the next season.


Anonymous said...

Something in this story doesn't add up. A player can't simply walk away from being on the 40-man for purposes of signing with some other team. Was he released? Non-tendered? Retire?

DANGEL said...

Well it sounds like Englebrook didn't sign the contract he was offered. He played Indy ball w/ the Lancaster Barnstormers in 2011 and as of yet I haven't found him anywhere in 2012.

Juvenile Court Clerk - Bryan Trostel said...

Holy Zombie thread, BatGuy!

Ok, so I spent way too much time looking into this, but Englebrook signed a minor league deal with Toronto sometime around the start of the regular season, but hasn't made an appearance in affiliated ball yet. With a late signing, he's likely in extended spring training.