Tuesday, June 14, 2011

All you sonsabitches are uneducated

If you thought that the philosophical difference had to do with Arnsberg developing pitchers, that would be uneducated.

Brad Arnsberg's dismissal had nothing to do with development of young pitchers. That's an uneducated guess for those thinking that.

I understand. I really do. And it is a private matter, but for a very public organization. So it's going to bring speculation, and not offering up an explanation - any explanation - it's only going to cause more speculation.

I once worked for an organization where an employee was dismissed, completely out of the blue, and leadership offered up nary an explanation. And by lunchtime, you would have thought that said employee had traded high-level government secrets for bags of brown skag. And then had sex in the library. With Vladimir Putin.

To say that anyone who speculates inaccurately on Arnsberg's dismissal, without providing anything other than vagaries, is missing the point. We all care about the Astros, and are trying to wrap our collective minds around why Arnsberg got dismissed. Call us uneducated? Then educate us.

/Steps off soapbox.