Thursday, June 9, 2011

42nd Round pick Hoke Granger wasn't expecting to get drafted

Here's an article on 42nd Round pick Hoke Granger, who wasn't expecting to get drafted, thanks to a fractured back. He found out he'd been drafted on his way to a doctor's appointment.

The Astros expressed high interest for several weeks in Granger and invited him to a pre-draft workout in Houston June 2, an invitation usually extended to possible top 20 round picks. After Northside’s season, it was learned Granger had a fracture in his back and the workout was canceled.

“The injury kept me from being seen by the general manager and the higher up cross checkers,” Granger said. “They indicated I would have probably gone higher (if not for the injury).”

Granger said he'll likely move on to college, and re-enter the draft.