Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Virtual Ineptitude of the Astros helped a guy win $1m

Did you hear about MLB 2K11's contest where the first person to throw a perfect game won $1 million?

Yeah, it happened because Brian Kingrey - a music teacher from Hammond, Louisiana - used Roy Halladay to throw a perfect game against the Astros.

Why Houston?
"Halladay has this really mean slider that's incredible versus right-handed batters. I picked the Astros because they're really aggressive when they attack the ball, so they swing at a lot of pitches they probably shouldn't swing at, and the Astros have only two left-handed batters."

Jeebus. Artificial Intelligence is getting too scary.

According to an interview with GamePro, Kingrey's wife let him practice five hours a day for two weeks. 70 hours / $1,000,000 = $14,285/hour.