Tuesday, May 24, 2011

USA Today thinks that Chris Johnson would make a fine RedHawk

USA Today has a list of players they believe should join Reds' Opening Day starter Edinson Volquez in Triple-A. Chris Johnson is one of them:

His strong rookie season-aafeaturing a .308 batting average and .818 OPS-aafostered the notion he might be one of the foundations for the rebuilding of the Astros. But Johnson’s sophomore year has been a huge disappointment, as his averaged has dropped nearly 90 points to .220. He’s walking just once every 32 plate appearances, which doesn’t help his case for staying in the majors.

Here's the question: And replace him with who(m)? Matt Downs has played some 3B, and has a .320/.346/.680 line (in 26 PAs). If you're looking at Triple-A, stop doing that. Oswaldo Navarro has seen 27 games at 3B and has a .708 OPS.