Tuesday, May 10, 2011

They are major league pitchers, by name only

Jerome Solomon discusses just how terrible the bullpen is in 2011, and disparages the crowd last night (3rd-smallest in MMP history), and the chances of the Astros doing anything this season (bad, getting worse).

But there's a curious closing quote from Brad Mills on the bullpen:
“They’re here for a reason. They are good. They’re major league pitchers.”

I'm beginning to wonder if they're Major Leaguers in name only. If you saw anyone trot out from the bullpen, would you have any confidence whatsoever that, either they'll hold a lead or at least not turn a 2-run deficit into a 7-run deficit? The only pitchers that currently don't make me turn to a paper bag for respiratory assistance are Melancon and, to an extent, Fulchino.

If you call me up and offer me a job as a Park Ranger, then I'm a park ranger. But in name only.