Friday, May 20, 2011

St. Louis Fan: The food is the best thing about the Astros

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch had someone at the two-game series with the Astros back in April, and she brought a carry-on full of snark with her:

I recommend feasting on Minute Maid Park's exceptional — yes, I said exceptional — ballpark originals. Clearly trading experience on the field for talent in the kitchen, the Astros recruited celebrity chef Bryan Caswell to bring his signature sliders on housemade yeast rolls to Minute Maid (our favorite was the pulled-pork slider served with Carolina-style slaw) as well as his El Real fajitas with pineapple-and-soy marinated chicken and beef served on housemade tortillas...

...As a traveling fan, I try to walk that line between insufferable zealot and gracious guest. So I refrained from gloating about the Big Puma's stunning start for the Cardinals. Nor did I join the "Let's go Cardinals" chant after a particularly ugly Astros inning. And when the friendly Astros fan next to me shared his happy memories of Busch Stadium, I did not ask, "So who's the idiot who put a mountain in your center field?"