Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Morning After Ownership Round-up

Here's the short version of the new ownership group, from all over the place:

FSH's MK Bower:
Reports have surfaced that Crane already has tabbed former Houston Rockets president George Postolos as his chief executive officer, and there’s speculation that beyond infusing Postolos' business acumen, Crane also will reorganize the Astros' baseball operations currently led by president Tal Smith and general manager Ed Wade.

David Stern, on new CEO-in-waiting George Postolos:
“He is a work horse. He will do whatever it takes to get a particular project done – day, night, every day, it doesn’t matter. He has a goal, he sticks to it, he gets it done. He’s also a man of great integrity and a great family man. He’s really the complete package.”

David Barron:
(McLane) would not comment on whether he retains a portion of the team as part of Crane’s ownership group.

Ed Wade, with some advice:
"The results at the big league level are always the most scrutinized pieces, so let's continue to have an open mind to the things we think we can do in the short term to make us better, but don't lose sight of the long term. I certainly would not advocate us making a play for one key acquisition that would cost us three or four top prospects, because that would put us back in a position that the organization was in four years ago."

Richard Justice:
Sometimes, I’ve thought all fans want is to know ownership has competent people in charge and a reasonable blueprint. Crane seems likely to deliver both. Here’s to a new day and a better tomorrow.

Jerome Solomon:
The fastest way for the Astros to return to the good old days of contention that had become a staple of McLane’s ownership is to allow Wade to continue the reorganization process he started.

Crane's wife, Franci:
"Jim doesn't want to be the center of attention. He doesn't feel the need to out in front all time. He wants to let others be front and center and enjoy the moment."