Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lyon to DL

Brandon Lyon has been placed on the 15-Day DL with a partial rotator cuff tear and biceps tendinitis. He will not undergo surgery - as of now.

The Chronicle's Nick Mathews relayed that Mills said he was unaware of any injury to Lyon, but there had been some concern about how hard he wasn't throwing:

“We’ve had some questions about whether the strength in there is exactly where it needs to be. To get that fully addressed, we wanted to get an MRI and see exactly where it was.”

Jose Valdez has been called up from OKC.

Click the link, and then just to recap:
1. Lyon had been getting treatment for "minor biceps tendinitis."
2. Mills was unaware of any physical injury.
3. Mills and Wade questioned how weak Lyon's shoulder was.
4. Sure enough! He has a physical injury!

How you can be getting treatment for tendinitis and the manager remain unaware is beyond me. But I've never been in that locker room. Maybe it's big.