Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Justice gets called out in Canada

Toronto's Sportsnet has a post from Mike Cormack revisiting the Brett Wallace/Anthony Gose trade.

To date, the Jays' fan base and media has -- for the most part -- remained extremely patient and supportive of Anthopoulos' moves as he restocks the farm system with as many high-ceiling prospects as possible.

And with Adam Lind enjoying a fine offensive season of his own at first base, Wallace's absence hasn't even been felt at the major-league level...

...But you wouldn't know it if you read Richard Justice's latest blog.

On Wednesday, the Houston Chronicle baseball reporter opined that with Wallace possibly heading to all-star status in 2011, "in Toronto, they’re crushing Blue Jays management for trading Wallace."

Really? Crushing?

We'd love to know who exactly Justice is referring to because, as mentioned above, there's been little, if any, criticism of the deal from within the GTA.