Thursday, May 12, 2011

Inglett sent down for Michaels

To clear up the roster spot for Jason Michaels, the Astros have secured waivers for Joe Inglett.

This makes perfect sense, because with Bourgeois out, Bogusevic remains on the 25-Man. The Constable had ignorantly forgotten this when speculating that Bogusevic would be sent down once Michaels returned.

Also, Nelson Figueroa unsurprisingly cleared waivers and has through today to accept his minor-league assignment or declare for free agency.

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Blazemule said...

I would so much rather have Joe Inglett than Jason Michaels right now on the Astros squad, what do they see in Michaels? Inglett is a left handed bat and can play infield, plus he was a better pinch hitter last year than Michaels and probably this year so far.