Monday, April 25, 2011

Nominations for 3rd Annual Astros County Adopt-A-Player recipient

Over the last two seasons, AC has held an election of sorts in which the minor-leaguer with the most votes gets "adopted" by Astros County. This lucky contestant gets extra adulation and coddling by AC, and occasionally receives gift boxes like this one.

We're holding this year's contest earlier, because by the time the draft comes and goes, and we get the poll results in, there's typically only about six weeks left in the season.

The rules:
1. The player cannot have been drafted in the first five rounds of the draft. They presumably got a bonus large enough where they don't need a bag of Milano cookies.

2. They cannot have previously won an Adopt-A-Player contest.

3. The player cannot yet be in Double-A, limiting options to Lexington and Lancaster.

So here are your nominees:

Poll ends on May 1.