Tuesday, April 26, 2011

More Gasoline for you...

Captip to Citizen Andrew for sending the link, but Berkman's long-time personal trainer - Danny Arnold - responded to Milo's criticism from yesterday on 1560 The Game. Click the link for the audio, but here's a transcript snippet:

"Pretty much what (Milo) is saying is ludicrous, he's an idiot...One of the things that I think has hurt Lance is that he depended on him to be a leader in there - not saying that he wasn't a leader, but doing things that weren't necessarily best for him, he did make those kind of sacrifices. I think in reality it actually hurt him, because he wasn't able to focus on the off-season recovery... They've always made comments about Lance like that, and they try to blame somebody else.

When Lance started working with us, he had his best year, and the following year we did exactly the same thing, and he didn't have a great year, and they try to blame him in the off-season. And then in the following year, he had one of the historic half-seasons for any baseball player. They're just trying to find excuses."

There's a lot more, and it's definitely worth a listen.