Thursday, April 28, 2011

Minor League trends

So let's take a look at some of the trends going on down on Eddie's Farm:

Oklahoma City

*In six games since April 20, J.B. Shuck has 1K:5BB.
*In the four-game stand at Round Rock, Koby Clemens was 9x17 with 8RBI.
*Jordan Lyles has walked five batters in 21IP - all against LHBs.
*After allowing 7H/6ER, 3HR in 2IP at Nashville on April 12, Henry Villar has thrown 9IP, and allowed 10H/2ER, 3K:1BB, 1HR.


*Brandon Wikoff is 12x20 since joining the starting lineup, with three XBHs.
*J.D. Martinez is 14x37 (.378/.435/.568) in his last ten games, and has been on base in each of those games.
*T.J. Steele has 11K:0BB in his last 45 ABs.
*After giving up 7H/6ER in his first start at Tulsa, Ross Seaton has allowed 20H/7ER in his last 18IP.
*Dallas Keuchel's BAA is .345 vs LHBs, and .246 vs. RHBs.


*Kody Hinze is hitting .385/.468/.974 in his last ten games. Encouragingly, he's hitting .237/.370/.500 at home, and .378/.467/.865 on the road.
*Austin Wates is hitting .105/.227/.263 vs LHPs, and .323/.377/.468 vs RHPs.
*Jose Altuve has a six-game hitting streak, hitting 13x24 with 5SBs.
*Ben Heath has one hit in his last 15ABs.
*Jake Buchanan has walked six batters in 28.1IP, and four of them were in his last start on April 26.
*RHBs are hitting Bobby Doran for a .410 average (16H in 8IP).


*Chris Wallace is 12x21 on his current five-game hitting streak, and has a 1.512 OPS over his last ten games.
*Jhonny Medrano has two hits in his last 27ABs, and has a .346 OPS in 11 games this season.
*Telvin Nash also has a five-game hitting streak, and is 8x23, with 7K:1BB.
*Mike Kvasnicka is 8x20 vs. LHPs, and just 11x43 against RHPs. He's hitting .222/.323/.370 on the road.
*Jiovanni Mier has three hits in his last seven games (26ABs), and his last two hits have been homers.
*Opponents are hitting .214 off Tanner Bushue in four starts. Three of the four homers he has allowed have been to LHBs.
*Brad Dydalewicz has allowed 16H/11ER, 2K:3BB in his last two starts (8.1IP). Seven of the nine batters he has walked have been righties.