Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Mills not ready to freak out about Figueroa. Yet

Brad Mills isn't quite ready to change how they deal with Figueroa:

“That’s not vintage Figgy. We know he’s much better than that. We know that that’s not him. We know he’s going to be just fine.”

Right. If we're talking about Vintage Figgy, then it's looking like he's aging like vinegar, and not necessarily wine.

Vintage Figgy:
“He knows I’m not satisfied by any means about my performance. And the frustrating part for me is, I know I’ve got four more days until I get to go out there and right the wrongs. I’m glad I’m going to have the opportunity, and I don’t take it for granted.”

According to Brooks Baseball, Figueroa threw 34 sliders and 30 fastballs, but only got five swinging strikes out of those pitches, and his slider came in a little hotter than normal last night. He was just throwing hittable pitches.

As Campbell mentions in the post, it's not as though there's anyone screaming for the SP5 spot, so Figueroa has time to figure it out.