Saturday, April 2, 2011

Know Your Enemy: Cliff Lee

Something we'll do from time to time (because we're afraid of commitment) is to take a gander at the opposing starting pitcher, and just point out a few things for your bar conversations.

Today, Cliff Lee, SP Phillies:

*The team with the highest WHIP against Cliff Lee is the Astros. In 8.2IP, Lee is 0-2, with 16H/9ER, 9K:1BB vs. Houston.

*1st time through the order, opponents posted a .686 OPS, with a .709 OPS for the 2nd time through and a .745 OPS the 3rd time through.

*In his career (222 games, 5905 PAs), Lee has run it to a 3-0 count just 85 times (1.4%), and given up two hits - both homers.

*Lee is 13-5 in April, with a 2.84 ERA/1.13 WHIP.

*In season openers, Lee has thrown 30IP, 32H/15ER, 22K:4BB since 2006.