Thursday, April 21, 2011

Know Your Enemy: Chris Capuano

Old Brewers foe Chris Capuano takes the mound for the Mets to try and stop a 1-9 skid, and prevent an Astros sweep. Here's what you need to know:

*Capuano throws an 87.4mph fastball (59.2%), and a changeup that sits at 77.9mph (22.9%). He'll mix in a 79.4mph slider (17.9%), as well. He's been throwing a first-pitch strike 66.1% of the time, and pounds the strike zone - throwing 51.4% of his pitches this season in the zone (up from 42.3% in 2010).

*This season, he's pitched in two games, allowing 18H/12ER, 13K:4BB, 3HR in 12.2IP for a robust 8.53 ERA/1.74 WHIP.

*We have to go back to 2005 to get to Capuano's fifth game against Houston. In one 2010 start, he threw 6.1IP, 5H/3ER, 3K:3BB in a loss.

*Capuano doesn't like righties (.375/.444/.650), but loves him some lefties (.188/.235/.188) in 2011. This holds up for his career, too. RHBs have a .276/.342/.477 line against him, while LHBs have hit .230/.293/.327.

*In 2011, if you take out PAs by pitchers, opponents are hitting .360/.429/.580 (.429 BABIP).

*Get to 2nd base. With RISP, Capuano has given up four hits and three walks for a .333/.529/.583 line.

*Capuano has yet to give up a first-inning hit.

*Only three Astros have two hits against Capuano - Carlos Lee (2x9), Jason Michaels (2x7), and, yes, Wandy Rodriguez (2x6). Collectively, the Astros are 9x44 for .205/.286/.295.