Thursday, April 7, 2011

I think further explanation is required, Mr. Wallace

Brett Wallace said, in regards to the Astros lack of walks:

"Everybody can play GM when you look at a stat sheet. I think the whole on-base percentage thing is kind of skewed."

I would really appreciate some insight into this thought. If he means OBP is skewed because there's such a small sample size (we're 3.1% through the season), then I can handle that.

If Wallace is inferring that getting on base does not necessarily reflect a tendency to score runs, then perhaps we should hear more about this revolutionary thinking.

"You definitely want to stick to a gameplan. But if I'm looking for a certain pitch ... I don't want to take it just to be selective. Once balls start falling you'll see the on-base percentage go up."

Brett Wallace, our very own Murray Chass!