Friday, April 1, 2011

From the Office of the County Clerk - G1: Astros @ Phillies

For two hours I swore the universe was involved in some cosmic joke to prevent me from getting home to watch the season opener. Now I wish it had done a better job. As the Juvenile Court Clerk pointed out on Twitter, "It's Just One Game."

That doesn't mean we can't still get pissed at Brandon Lyon.

*Roy Halladay managed to not walk any Astros during his 6IP, running his 0BB vs. Houston to 22IP.

*Astros pitching didn't strike out any Phillies. At all. The last time the Astros got 27 outs without ringing anybody up was May 4, 2007 in a 3-2 loss at St. Louis.

*The last time Brett Myers got a start with 0K was on September 24, 2004 at Montreal (3IP, 9H/7ER, 0K:1BB).

*Only Michael Bourn drew a walk - an intentional one. The Astros went an entire game without an unintentional walk 21 times in 2010, but they did not have a game where they only had an intentional walk.

*1-2-3 in the lineup combined for a 4x12 day (2R, 3RBI). 4-5-6 went 0x12 (5K). 7-8-9 went 5x11.

*Chris Johnson was 0x4 with 3K. He struck out 3+ times in a game on six occasions last year, but only once was he also 0x4.

*Carlos Lee was 0x4, making him 2x16 on Opening Days as an Astro (2x4 in 2010, 0-fers in the other three.

*Brandon Lyon allowed six hits to get the Blown Save and the Loss. His first BS in 2010? The Phillies, on April 10.

*Man of the Match: Going with Michael Bourn on this one, a triple, IBB, 2RBI.

*Goat of the Game: Pfft. Brandon Lyon