Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The Betting Man: April 5

So now I get my first action of the season.

I took the Astros in this one - just a gut feeling - in the moneyline for $10 at +$155. So this would net $26.50.

For the prop bets, which are always fun/nervewracking, I put $10 on the over for Astros' total runs at 3.5. This would pay $17.70.

One other one for the night - I put $10 on J.A. Happ to record more strikeouts than Mike Leake at -120. This would pay $18.33.

Outstanding Bets
Total outstanding: $90
Total Amount Remaining: $910
On tonight's game: $30


Andrew said...

Perhaps the betting man should have read "Know your enemy" before making his bets.

Astros County said...

The Betting Man isn't the quickest of cats at the best of times.