Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Betting Man: April 14

Didn't pick anything last night. Lines weren't to my liking, so I held off.

But two nights ago went swimmingly. If you recall, I had the Astros at -1.5 with Myers on the mound, and that paid out $27. And I also had Soriano not getting a hit, which paid $25.50. So that $20 total paid out $52.50.

Outstanding Bets: $60
Current Total: $977.59
To Date: +$37.59

The over/under on total home runs hit is 1.5, so I'm taking the over at $20 at +105, which would pay out $41.

I'm also throwing $10 on Michael Bourn to have more hits, runs, and RBIs than Jason Bartlett at -115, paying out $18.70.

Outstanding Bets: $80
Current Total: $947.59