Monday, April 11, 2011

The Betting Man: April 11

I spent the weekend sweating the Masters which, thanks to that shanking nutbag of a leprechaun, did not go so well. But it didn't affect the bottom line for the Astros season (I threw some extra green in the account to cover it).

Anyhow, the last bet I placed that matters for this series was on the Astros winning on Thursday afternoon, which happened.

So let's reset:
Outstanding Bets: $60
Last Time Around: $45
Total: $944.09

With the Cubs in town, and Dempster/Figueroa on the mound, I feel pretty comfortable putting $20 on the OVER of 8.5 runs. This would pay $41.

I'm also putting $10 on a pitcher other than either starter actually recording the win, which would pay out $33.50.

To business:
Outstanding bets: $90
Total: $914.09
Season to date: +$4.09