Friday, April 22, 2011

Bernie Miklasz: The Astros are the loser from high school

Bernie Miklasz has a pretty great post imagining the NL Central as a high school.

The Astros?
They used to be your rival. You battled each other like hell to become student council president, and to be the No. 1 quarterback, and the cleanup hitter on the baseball team. But he couldn't keep up. After high school, his parents ran low on money, and couldn't afford to send him to college. He knows that he's bottomed out, and doesn't seem to know what to do about it. He hasn't lost hope, and you still respect him in a way. But dang, he's looking for a direction in life. He keeps talking about starting a band, and keeps babbling about opening some Tex-Mex restaurant. It's kind of sad. Some of his best friends, like Berkman, don't hang out with him anymore.